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Idea, design, development

The Roaring Locals

This Facebook application "The Roaring Locals" allows ecotourists to talk with a real Latvian deer.

Concept, development

Whose pickle is longer?

To open the marinade season with honour, Spilva organised a pickle pulling and comparison festival… on the Internet.


The Song and Dance Festival homepage

The 25th Latvian Song and Dance Festival had to have an echo on the Internet – an all-encompassing homepage which explained everything about Latvia’s biggest cultural event.

Concept, design, development

The Wunderkind homepage

An easily surveyed and convenient Internet platform for one of Latvia’s best casting agencies, Wunderkind.

Idea, design, development

The Volkswagen five-year warranty

An interactive homepage with information about driving culture – a phenomenon that is experienced by each new owner of a Volkswagen car that is protected by a five-year warranty.

Idea, design, development

A resignation generator

When looking for a new colleague, we created a resignation generation which handles all documents so that you can leave your former job and join our team.

Design, development

Stop the doomsday

A digital solution to recruit “BalticMiles” clients, allowing them to take on the role of rescuing the world.

Concept, design, development

The Altebo travel platform

Travel has never been simpler or easier – that is proven by the thousands of offers which are made by the Altebo Travel Agency.